A hybrid excited flux switching permanent magnet motor with segmented magnets for electric vehicle applications

Researcher: Tohid Sharifi (2020-2021)

Two different types of tests are applied in this project, known as the Motor Test and Thermal Test. The former is related to electromagnetic performance. However, the latter describes the temperature of the motor. The Thermal Test is required to ensure from continuous operation of the motor. In this test, we use three Pt100 temperature sensors. First is mounted in the Ambient. The second is placed on the housing of the motor, and the third one is inserted into the winding using the holes in the front door.

Motor Test
Thermal Test

An Improved Linear Switched Reluctance Motor

Researcher: Matin Vatani (2019-2020)

One of EMTRL’s goals is to perform different tests on electrical machines. The parameters of the electrical machines extract by using these tests. The following tests are available in EMTRL.

  • Back EMF
  • Torque-Angle Characteristics
  • Average Torque
  • Torque Ripple
  • Cogging Torque
  • Efficiency
  • Losses
  • Blocked Rotor Test
  • No Load Test
  • etc.

There is also the ability to design new benchmarks at EMTRL to measure some of the characteristics of specific Electrical machines. The following are some of the testing steps performed at EMTRL.

Carried out by Shahin Asgari under the supervision of Dr. Mojtaba Mirsalim.

Back-EMF Test
High-Speed Test
Dual-Stator Dual-Rotor Axial Flux Machine