A hybrid excited flux switching permanent magnet motor with segmented magnets for electric vehicle applications

Iran Patent# 2/22/211718, 2022, IRAN

By: Tohid Sharifi, Mojtaba Mirsalim

Owner: Amirkabir university of technology (100%)

There were two main drawbacks in the hybrid excited machines: 1) In the first category, because of the reduction in the PM volume and adding the excitation coil to the remaining space, the torque density of the machine decreased. So, the motor with hybrid excitation suffered from extremely low torque for a specified volume/weight. 2) The excitation coil had been placed in the slots where the AC coil had located in the second category. There was an insulation layer between the AC and DC windings to decouple the windings physically. In this strategy, as the space of the AC winding is occupied by the DC winding, the machine’s electrical loading decreases. So, the torque density of the machine was also reduced. We introduce the design and optimization process for electrical machines. Then, a new topology for the HEFSPMM is proposed, which resolves the problems of the traditional case.


US Patent# 10,734,874, 2020

By: Shahin Asgari, Seyed Mojtaba Aghamirsalim


Earliest Publication No: US 2017-0310199 A1

By: Reza Nasirizarandi , Seyed Mojtaba Aghamirsalim

Dual-Stator brush-less PM motor with high torque density and low vibration & noise for the cooling systems, washing machines & electrical vehicles

Iran Patent# 88438, 2015, IRAN

By: S.Asgari , M. Mirsalim

High Torque Density Motor

A new E-core hybrid reluctance motor (HRM)

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By: M. Masoumi , M. Mirsalim, Amirkabir University of Technology



Self-excited Hybrid Electromagnetic Brake

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linear induction motor with toroidal winding

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Eddy current coupler with interior PMs

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Line-Start Permanent Magnet Motor with Slotted Solid Rotor

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High torque limited angle motor with slotless axial flux structure

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A 42-V, Two-Stage, Coreless, and Without Field Winding Machine for Application on Hybrid Automotives

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A Permanent-Magnet, Axial-Flux, and Coreless Generator for Automotive Applications

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High-Speed Low-Consumption Stun Gun

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Three-Phase Axial-Flux Disk Permanent Magnet Generator with Coreless Stator

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High-Speed Double Salient Permanent Magnet Generator

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High-Speed Solid Rotor Disc Induction Motor with Ferrite Stator Core

Iran Patent #  29968,  July 06, 2004,  IRAN

By: M. Mirsalim