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A Dual- Stator Machine with Diametrically Magnetized PM: Analytical Air-gap Flux Calculation, Efficiency Optimization and Comparison with Conventional Dual-Stator Machines.



Shahin Asgari, Reza Yazdanpanah, Mojtaba Mirsalim


This paper presents a design and optimization procedure for a dual-stator machine with a diametrically magnetized PM to improve the electromagnetic performance. First, analytical design equations are presented based on MEC analysis; they are used to design a basic dual-stator machine. Then, by applying an artificial intelligence algorithm, the machine is optimized to achieve high efficiency and torque density, and low pulsating torque for direct-drive applications. A quantitative comparison is performed between the optimized new machine and conventional dual-stator machines to evaluate the performances and improvements of the understudy machine. The machine performance, including air-gap flux density distribution, back electromotive force, electromagnetic torque, cogging torque, and torque ripple are analyzed by the finite element method. The analysis results have demonstrated that benefiting from its topology, the optimized dual-stator machine with diametrically magnetized PM has the comprehensively better performance, including higher torque density, higher efficiency, and lower torque ripple and cogging torque compared to conventional dual-stator machines